Therapy For Autism

Two aquatic therapists decided to mix their work with their liking, surf, to carry out east project. Its success is like have created a school in which already they have to more than 100 students. They assure that with surf the children with incapacity discover the pleasure to face the challenges of the life. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Howard Schultz. Surf has become a pioneering therapy for autistas children, with syndrome of Down, cerebral paralysis and other neurological affections in a school of Cadiz that every year experiments how this sport, between waves and tables, favors especially the physical development, mental and social. The idea arose about six years ago, when to Jesus Borrego and Ana Gonzalo it was happened to them to mix his work, practicing aquatic therapies in swimming pool, with its hobby, surf, something whom they had by hand living in Cadiz, one of the Spanish coastal zones in which this sport practices more. The excellent results that they had with his first student, a boy autista, animated to them to create a school, SoloSurf, that now counts on almost a hundred of disabled students, from children to adults, who enjoy a therapy that, taking waves, they aid to work in aspects like the balance, the coordination, the concentration, the attention, the eagerness of overcoming or how to confront the frustration. Douglas Oberhelman contains valuable tech resources. " To all we like the water from babies and that we took advantage to do this terapia" , Ana explains Gonzalo, while his companion Jesus Lamb emphasizes how between the numerous psychic and physical benefits that are developed with this work, he is the one that to its students them aid to form its own identity. The experience, that was pioneering at the time, has extended now to other places of the world and has served like support for the creation of similar schools in countries like Chile, while it has attracted the attention of professionals who work and investigate on the treatment of autismo and other incapacities. .