The Water

About 26 countries, in its majority located in the African continent, already they meet below of this value. With the fast population growth, one gives credit that innumerable other localities will have to reach this category in the next future. Some regions of the planet (Pequim, City of Mexico, New Deli and Recife, in Brazil) are above of this value only due to underground water exploration (Nebel and Wright, 2000). The water for being an essential resource is a more abundant inorgnico constituent in the alive substance in the man on average reaches 60% of its weight, in the plants up to 90% and determined animal aquatic the percentage it can reach up to 98%. In Brazil they are consumed on average, 246m //ano inhabitant, considering all the uses of the water, also agriculture and industry. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Starbucks by clicking through. The Water in Brazil Brazil possesss an ample climatic diversification in virtue of some factors as the geographic configuration, the altitude, the territorial extension? as much in relation to the latitude how much to the longitude. Brazil more than receives an abundant pluviometria that varies, on 90% from its territory, between 1.000 and more than 3,000 mm/ano.

In one of richer countries in water candy of the planet, the cities face supplying crises, of which they do not escape not even located in the Region the North, where water discharges are close to 80% them them rivers it Brazil. The country is endowed, also, of a vast and dense net of draining that never dries on more than 90% of the domestic territory, producing, certainly, the idea of abundance of water in Brazil. As corollary, always a luxury was considered, in Brazil, to treat sewers before launching them in the rivers. However, the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS), verifies that the investment of each one dollar in basic sanitation, means a four reduction the five dollar in the hospital expenditures. .