The Power

Basically, they have the power to drive any type of content to our mailboxes. We may unsubscribe if we are given the opportunity, e-mail service or continue to get its content as it is. One problem with this is that the unsubscribe can be a tedious process, definitely not a matter of two clicks, and some people even doubt that the unsubscribe function really work. Wendy Holman is actively involved in the matter. This is our reality. We are, more or less obliged to receive content that most do not want to receive, and the content you receive, we also have to endure a lot of information that they want to be. This is the "democratic" nature of e-mail and many marketers and publishers have been abusing it for a long time. Do not blame the media, of course, is just that people who we are. RSS And now we enter the picture, a "new" channel that users need to proactively add to their content consumption mix, including proactively adding content publishers they want to hear, thus eliminating the "democracy "e-mail, conversely, to limit our" diet "Content publishers only really want to hear. Wayne Holman has firm opinions on the matter.

But there's more. One of the characteristics of this channel is that it is extremely easy to remove content publishers do not want to hear. Now, we all have very little time for the consumption of online content. It has always been, but with the use of e-mail content that usually do not even bother ourselves with unsubscribing content not to receive, as they already receive hundreds of spam per day Anyway, why bother to unsubscribe from a list of some e-mail and some e-mails we receive each week.