Tax Return

Details of Mannheim, 16 April 2016. Click JPMorgan Chase & Co. to learn more. Many students work alongside their studies either because the money is not enough, they want to improve their cash or gain first experience in paid internships. According to the current social survey of the German Student Union concerns about two-thirds of all students.’s experts explain why the creation of an income tax return is worth for students and how they can get refund easily several hundred euro per year with the software STEUEReasy. For side jobs, bringing more than 450,-euros per month or jobs during the holidays, students also pay taxes.

For this purpose, they must share with their tax identification number the employer. Then automatically the contribution to the pension insurance and taxes, will be withheld for students. The good news: The taxes can get back often completely they per tax return. Prerequisite is that the taxable annual income is not more than 8.130,-per year. This amount not the advertising expenses of 1.000,-euros and a Special Edition standard amount of 36,-euros are included, yet, so that students throughout the year can earn at least 9.166,-euro, without having to pay taxes. If the advertising costs are over 1.000.-euros, it can be correspondingly more. All the advertising costs which explains the tax software STEUEReasy.

With her, the tax return is fast and above all simply done. The program costs 14.99 euros and is specially designed for simple control cases. With interview mode, the software guides the user step by step through the income tax return. A student who has gejobbt for example, in addition to his studies, wearing just his personal data and information from his income tax certificate. The program has already when entering the data, what is the estimated refund. The tax then from the table is easy in most cases. For the large scope of services at a reasonable Price was STEUEReasy at this year’s tax software testing of the business magazine capital with a bargain price “.