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Offenburger Innovation Used Nationwide

Competency analysis profile AC in Ministry of education schools which passed competency analysis profile AC in schools is an assessment Center methods. Use of observation tasks, the strengths and weaknesses of a people to find out. For example, social skills such as teamwork and communication skills, method skills such as planning and problem solving are […]

Processing Computer Information

All professionals who have to produce or processing information in this way should be aware that their performance is not diminished by the mere fact of not having sufficiently developed typing skills to address the challenge of producing or processing information in a timely and error-handling own language in which communicate. There are several side […]

GenoBau Strengthens The Competence In The Care Sector With Mr Lars Meier

Orange Blue – the GenoBau target purchase housing association EC will strengthen their management and industry expertise in the field of estate agent support. Learn more about this with Ben Horowitz. Orange Blue is Munich, December 9, 2010 the GenoBau target purchase housing association EC, reinforced their management and industry expertise in the field of […]

Institute Module

In the ifsm training ‘Principle of minimal guidance’ leaders learn to achieve more effect with less effort. “How I should deal with it all?” How should I meet all the requirements imposed on me? ” One hears such complaints often of (prospective) managers specially in the infamous sandwich position”in the company. One reason for this […]

ICT Training

Fraunhofer Academy presented at CeBIT in-service offerings providing Fraunhofer Academy from 6 to 10 March at the CeBIT in-service training programmes in the areas of embedded systems, software architecture, security, and usability engineering before. The courses, certificate courses and seminars of the Fraunhofer Academy based on the know-how of the Fraunhofer institutes and provide participants […]

Nibelungen Street

Speak English can be learned as easily as the mother tongue will be English at many schools and other institutions taught. The traditional manner as English is taught, qualified but to speak the least, the language really fluently. The tuition – and language school Garcia & Karkhanis has chosen a different path. The natural approach, […]

Integrata Get Authorized Training Partner By GPM On Board

The versatile certified expert Dietmar Prudix supports Integrata in Stuttgart project management, 24.10.2013 – the expert and free consultant Dietmar Prudix supports Integrata AG as a product manager in the field of project management. The experienced HR management, coach, mediator and authorized training partner (ATP) the GPM oversaw numerous projects in the HR and organization […]