However, before acquiring a surmounting it is necessary to search on the mark and its viability, if it will be viable, certainly, will be a differential. (LONGENECKER; MOORE; PETTY, 2004) In general the made available ones agree that, for that is starting its enterprising career, to undertake in surmountings it is more easy. In accordance with research SEBRAE (2005) new entrepreneurs are each time more opting to surmountings, therefore statistical surmountings are more viable for already being a business structuralized with Know-How and all the particularitities that facilitate the survival of the enterprise in the five first years of functioning. The franqueador affirms that they are these factors that many times take an entrepreneur to opt to surmountings, mainly beginning that they intend to invest in its first business: ‘ ‘ a new entrepreneur has a support for brings and catches a formatted business already, it already he uses to advantage the errors that the franqueadora already passed, and the fact of you to work in a net you already have some benefits melhores’ ‘. Stuart Solomon may help you with your research. … ‘ ‘ you have much more credibility when she arrives yourself in some place, for already being a known mark, it goes to catch one know-how pronto’ ‘. (FRANQUEADOR) Of certain it forms the surmounting became control point for entrepreneurs who are initiating in the world of the businesses and the surmounting, as pointed out previously, is structuralized in all the aspects, what it differentiates is the management of each made available. The surmounting is an attractive factor for the businesses also because it brings a luggage of knowledge that goes of administrative aspects until the operational one, becoming the attractive surmounting very for that they want to invest and to have a return with lesser risk..