Structural Engineering Projects

Second Life – a rapidly growing virtual universe, a kind of three-dimensional Internet. More information can be found here This is an ideal platform for visualization and presentation of three-dimensional buildings of any complexity. Create and implement a clear demonstration of this world can be for any individual family house with the landscape, and large shopping complexes, hotels or airports. As an example of opportunities Second Life can result in the creation of three-dimensional model of the Olympic springboard for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games, performed by our group (photos here). Second Life allows us to achieve highly detailed three-dimensional models of these (from the shape door handle and ending with the selection of stone textures for the fireplace). A team of experienced users and content creators in Second Life offers its services in creating three-dimensional models of varying complexity. This is not a game, more accurately termed a 3D-operative system, according to analysts in 2011 in SL will be 80% of Internet users. Opportunities for implementation of projects are huge.

SL – it is an open resource to the public users from around the world, but you can make and limited access to specific projects. Currently registered and more than 10 million users, is dominated by the number of users of the United States. In this world, has a circulation of its own currency, freely transferable in real currency, and the largest global corporations, one after the other to open their representative offices (Sony, Nissan, agency Reuters, Nike, Metro and many others, only IBM has 32 offices). A list of the most profitable branches of the virtual economy, which experts estimate the volume of more than 500 million dollars, as if taken from real life. In Second Life, selling land and real estate, open network hypermarkets. World SL in-built user-generated 3D-editor. Rapidly and the Russian-speaking community.