Russian Federation

In areas where there is a sufficient network of ground observation posts, patrolling aircraft may take the form of episodic patrol missions during periods of high fire danger in forests due to weather conditions, for control of fire propaganda, and perform other special assignments. Patrol mode is established in accordance with the Regulations of the Aeronautical forest conservation. To detect hidden pockets of burning, which can be a source of forest fires, and hidden pockets of high temperatures on the edges of localized fires used thermal imagers such as 'Taiga' mounted patrol aircraft. In accordance with the annual approved operational plan to combat forest fires forest enterprises are obliged to ensure control of the Implementation Rules of fire safety in the forests of the Russian Federation, according to which: companies, organizations, institutions and other legal and natural persons carrying out work in the woods or having in the forests of villages, roads, warehouses, buildings and other objects, in the event of forest fires in places of work, near the villages, along roads, warehouses and elsewhere, as well as the leased areas of forest fund are obliged to take immediate action to eliminate these fires in the home and vehicles and report a fire or timber enterprise respective local administration; citizens detection of forest fire must take immediate steps to extinguish it, but if you can not extinguish the fire in the home – to report it to forestry workers, police or local administration heads businesses, organizations and agencies are required by the due date to send workers and tools to fight forest fires in the decisions of local authorities; citizens, attracted by forest fires, carry out this work under the direction of forestry workers of forestry and forest protection air bases..