State Happiness

Reverses that belief, remember in every moment you can be at peace wherever you are. You experience every moment of your life in this way, and you what you do, whatever happens, happiness will be your usual State. I propose a practical exercise. Happiness, as we have said, does not mean the banishment of feelings such as sadness or boredom. What it means is that sadness or boredom will not be feelings to overcome, will be transient States with a sense of tranquility, peace and tranquillity above all. (1) When a dull moment is presented (e.g., be in the Office by filing papers) allows that the feelings flow.

If you bored, bored you. (2) Not add nor documentat to that sentiment, contemplate him from the barrier. What is es.3) you remind yourself regularly: this is what I feel, but at the same time I can be calm and at peace. Happiness is my natural state, therefore, I am happy in boredom. This exercise you can practice with tragic events, although it will be easier if you practice it previously with more trivial events such as hours of work, waiting in traffic jams, or make the Declaration of finance. In the tragedy, it allows to sadness or any other feelings exist, but you do not associate with him, look at him from a distance.

Try to find the feeling of tranquility and serenity that is inherent to your happiness. The technique, remember, is not attempting to retrieve happiness, because the happiness is constantly with you. Calm, calm, calm, or in short, happiness, already is already with you and yours. The technique is to remember this, do not get it. There is nothing Mystic or magic, is the real life in itself, merely a perceptive element, it examines your perception. NOT look LA happiness in what I do mean that you don’t have to get more money, more fame, more women, more success to be happy. But you can also get all of that and be happy. The important thing here is to see the dissociation between being happy and anything that happens in your life. You’re always happy, another thing is that you do not give account of this. If you want to earn money, earn money. But don’t do it to be happy. If you want to be famous, I know famous. But don’t do it to be happy. I think that the idea is understood. You’re happy apart from that, you have it or not! REALLY WANT TO HAPPINESS OR BOTH ARE NOT INTERESTED? I think it was Fernando Savater who claimed that many people did not want to admit that they were free, because It meant that any responsibility regarding their actions rested on themselves, and not they could blame him to the world about what was happening to them. It is possible that it is true. If the debts are the cause of my misfortune, I eludo responsibility and derived it. It is strange that given the possibility of free will, humans choose being a prisoner. In any case, is part of the experience of life, if you want to play at being a prisoner, you can do it, is part of the game. The question you have to ask you is: does happiness really interests you? Or do you want more to continue living in the belief that the world you pressed and origin of any calamity that happen in your life? Remember: Nosce te ipsum, inform yourself, as I pointed out in this article. Original author and source of the article.