Consumer-driven Demand Regulation Brought 10 Percent To 30 Percent Margin Of Success

Professional empathy is needed, to preserve important customer and business relationships to high failure rates of outstanding claims, this problem is many companies; in particular in the retail (B2C) is often with a guaranteed”to calculate quota of payment unwilling or insolvent customers. the bandwidth of the Receivables Management and collection of consumes considerable costs and often results in the scorched earth”in the customer relationship. Professional flair is needed to preserve relevant clients and business relationships and not to lose them because of misunderstandings and lack readiness to talk. Through timely contact, willingness to pay can be increased significantly in customer-oriented Receivables Management. Also, customer relations are actively maintained and so much cited customer satisfaction increases. Sabine Schleinig of the Frankfurter BPO company Obeid KG on the subject of pro-active demand management: A complex service provider for We support a consumer-oriented telephone contact with payment overdue customers – and this process support based on our many years of experience in the complaint management already prior to sending out the 2nd reminder.

In many cases, it is unintelligible or incorrect invoice content, E.g. complicated descriptions or to conscious technical product issues that are a rapid demand compensation in the way. In other cases, direct agreements for payment dates may be agreed. Thus, both parties have a transparent approach immediately, because many customers avoid it in shame, the creditors themselves to take on the contact, if the invoice amount may be paid not completely.” The positive consequences for the company are remarkable: so after the telephone clarification from 10% up to 30% of the outstanding claims in the short term are entered to the proportion of operations, which by a costly external – or judicial order for payment procedure be driven must is reduced significantly. Overall, the failure rate of claims is reduced significantly and directly strengthen the liquidity of the company. “Through this approach, the Obeid KG makes customer-oriented Receivables Management – a demonstrable added value for their customers: an efficient cash flow syringe” hardly a company will be answered in the negative in the current market situation.