Solar System

When happening through the box, the fluid I pierce carrier that circulates around the conduits is warmed up, and transports that thermal energy to where it is desired. The problem of these systems in their yield, this improvement whichever minor is temperature of work, since to greater temperature within the box, in relation to the outside, majors will be the losses by transmission in the glass. Also, to greater temperature of the capturing plate, more energetics will be its radiation, and more transparency will have the glass to her, diminishing therefore the efficiency of the collector, this system also lacks solar pursuit, rendering much less after a Nevada, since the snow must take off so that it continues working. Parabolic solar concentrators As to his it indicates it name, the equipment concentrates all the energy emitted by the sun in a focal point, increasing in great amount the energy emitted by the sun. This system is very efficient in snow-covered cold climates and of since it owns a system of solar pursuit that allows him to throughout follow the sun the day, in addition another factor important to consider is that the aluminum is used hard anodizing like reflection matter, not of glass, this allows that the snow melts more express and refale when the equipment begins a to move to follow the sun, thanks to its system of solar pursuit doubles axis controlled by computer. This it is the case of the solar concentrator SolarBeam that secures a yield that surpasses in a 262% the efficiency of the hot water panels to pave, and is 98% more productive than the Solar System with vacuum tubes. Providing an average of 10 thermal heat KW per hour, in conclusion we have to our reach power plant a continuous and safe solar thermus. In order to obtain more data on the concentrator To pave, visits the Web site in:.