Grow seedlings for the garden. When growing seedlings, you can use egg shells. In the last century vderevne when it was not for sale dlyavyraschivaniya pots of seedlings, resourceful gardeners took a clean egg shells, filled her land and sown seeds in her flower and vegetable. When the seedlings grow, the shell of crushed and ground sazhayutv seedlings with a shell that allows you to refill pitatelnyhveschestv in the soil. If w shell do not want to bother, then vpolnesgodyatsya and cell trays from the egg. The main thing is to make holes in dneyacheyki that water does not stagnate.

In order to easily byloizvlech plant from the container, the bottom of the criss-cross dvepolietilenovye placed strips. If your seedlings are in torfoperegnoynyh igorshochkah cubes, then the day before landing in the ground it must be well polit.Ochen important point: torfoperegnoynye dice landing must zaglublyatna 2-3 cm below the soil level, otherwise they will 'work' as a wick ivlaga will quickly evaporate. Prepare soil for planting imeetvazhnoe value. It should not be any pathogens, so it is pre- steamed. Steaming is especially necessary if the land is taken from svoegoogoroda, with the fields from the forest. For steaming, place two bricks in bakdlya boiling clothes (or other suitable container), pour in the bottom sloyvody in 5 cm a bucket with holes in the bottom of the steps of, 2 / 3 obemanasypte soil mixture, humus, compost, turf ground. Vedropostavte on the bricks, the top cover with a lid and steamed pot over medium heat gruntna in two hours. Then let the soil cool, dlyaudobstva lay it in small plastic bags and leave the cold nabalkone or terrace.