Magic BIOS Video

Of course, it is necessary change firmware BIOS. To do this, take the installation CD for your motherboard and find it a program designed to flash the motherboard. Motherboard EPOX the drive comes with software Magic BIOS. Then you need to go to the site motherboard manufacturer and download the new firmware BIOS. Then make a backup of the old BIOS-a, and only after that flash the BIOS.

Similarly, the need to flash the video card. Once patched BIOS, should be increased in It figures FSB Speed. Indicators need to change a little. After each increase in the system to check the stability using the test in 3d Mark. As soon as the test shows that the work sistamy not stable, it is necessary to return to the last values of indicators FSB Speed. Of course, you can continue to accelerate performance and after a warning, but it could face a breakdown. Once overclocked processor, it is desirable to adjust the clock speed of RAM to new indicators of the processor. This, of course, difficult but possible.

If you have a friend who knows how to do it, ask him about the service, if not, just go right to the video, because RAM is easily burn. It is difficult to give practical advice as it all depends on what kind of computer you have .. Video card to overclock using the program Riva Tuner. It is also quite dangerous, as in the case of memory, but it is fully safe to say that you can overclock the video card so that its frequency will be a half times higher, with no risks. If you want a better result, then it should be understood that it would be very risky. Here, it seems, and overclocked PC, but there is one thing. If your card does not support shaders, the new games can only dream. If it is limited to support shaders, then most of the games will still run. The program, called 3d-Analyze help “convince” your computer, the video card as if to support shaders, it just “tricks” the computer. Also, this program may disable certain features to improve performance in games to emulate many types of video cards. The downside of using a 3d-Analyze is the fact that the program changes the original game files, so you should always have a backup source file toys. By means of 3d-Analyze program you can play modern games on the computer with 256 MB of RAM and a graphics card to 64 MB. In practice, quite easy to overclock your computer, it will allow your computer to be sufficiently productive year or two, but then still will not miss the performance, so you should consider buying a new computer in the future. That’s all .. Good luck!