The promocional marketing, for being a tool that explores a dynamics on of the product, opens space for the development of the promocionais actions, what it comes getting resulted satisfactory of sales. 6.2.3 Promotion of sales Kotler and Keller (2006) appraises that the companies use the forms of promotion of sales to attract a more intense and fast reply of the purchaser, a short-term reply and offers three characteristic benefits: ) Communication: they call the attention and generally they take the consumer to the product. b) Incentive: they incorporate some type of concession, stimulaton or valuable contribution for consumer c) Invitation: they constitute a special invitation to effect the transaction immediately. Sampaio (1999) appraises the promotion of sales as a specific effort of promotion with clear objectives of incentive of sales. They are the promotions that develop the sales or the use of products or services on the basis of offers of conditions special of sales or advantages, such as drawings of prizes, distribution of toasts, discountings, cuponagem, joint sales of products, competitions, sponsorships, distribution of samples and many other forms to offer some thing more, for the same money of the consumer.

In the execution of the efforts of promotion of sales are used diverse parts of communication, as messages in the proper packings of the products, some materials of point-of-sales (posters, displays, banderoles, etc.) brochures e? many times? propaganda, that, in this in case that, it is the service of the promotion and has the function to become known it (and desired) for the consumers. It is, therefore, an activity of support and must be related with the too much strategies of the made up of marketing. The promotion of sales must attract attention and to favor the action of the consumers to the purchase of the products. Although to be a tool mainly of complementary character, many companies only invest its available resources for communication in promotion of sales (WOOLS HOUSES, 1997).