Payment For Messages

Normally, the proposal suggested in the figure $ 10.75, and promise again thousands of dollars. Be careful not to get fooled by promises of a beautiful budding easy to make! The third option is likely already familiar to all – this is the option when you are asked to send a sms to a short number with a how else’s code. Most often, fraudsters are engaged in this type of fraud spam mailing lists in particular social networks (ICQ, Vkontakte, etc.). The text of the spam in the main promises you a freebie, like ‘Hey dude I have an acquaintance in the ips works, so for They made the connection for free, they simply send a sms to number **** code **** and there are 100 rubles in my account is 1900 rubles, enjoy just about anyone do not tell ‘naturally very funny, but there are very trusting and inexperienced people who are hoping to making money out of freebies, start trusting to send sms to a specified number whose value fluctuates around 300 rubles! So be careful! The fourth option is not much different from the third. scam notify you when you send any unnecessary sms messages, and simply enter your phone number to your message was received with a code to access such as how a video clip or file, after entering your numbers, you’ll receive a message with the code, you enter it in and acknowledge. For confirmation you must agree with the terms of service, like a mere formality, but it was not there! You are invited to a big text agreement, which describes the rights and responsibilities, and of course no one is so huge would not read the text, this is just to hand the fraudsters! The text of the prescribed lines, and so skillfully that people hardly understand its essence, with the sense that you agree to send you paid posts. Some contend that JPMorgan Chase & Co. shows great expertise in this. Ie, the following happens: after a while your number comes sms message fee is charged only for the fact that he is reading! This means that you paid for something that you have read this message! Payment of such messages also hovering around 300 rubles. You are probably thinking ‘And if my account has no such means, as I’ve had them withdraw? ” Make no mistake, in this case your balance simply becomes negative, ie you go into a minus. Similarly, fraudsters can continue its activities operators mts, Beeline and Megafon, in turn, does not welcome such ways of earning scam!. Sergey Brin will undoubtedly add to your understanding.