Buying first spinning – Buying advice novice angler to his first spinning, the person usually knows nothing about fishing, the difference between the tackles and relies entirely on the seller. The store eyes run on the abundance of Companies and models. One would stick and stick! But all of spinning, there are certain parameters, given that you can pick up “stick” on his ruke.V first turn our attention to the test. It is light, medium and heavy. Look at the rod Tsiferki: Lightweight – up to 15 grams. Allows you to cast almost weightless rigging, wiring and feel the slightest touch of the fish. Medium – up to 40 grams.

Flexible enough and the best fit for Novice anglers, who does not know who and what will catch. But it will probably the most common species in our lane. Severe – more than 40 grams. “Stick” to hunt for big fish. Freely to cope with Heavy spinners, but if you try to fasten something easier – distance casting will not work and you immediately lose control of the test snastyu.S defined, now define the system. He, too, is of three kinds: a fast, medium and slow. Quick – only the tip of the rod bends. This system allows you to cast far and cope with vyvazhivanii big fish.

Medium – bent in half. Allows you to feel and control bait. Optimal for beginners. Slow – all bent in an arc and a lot of emotion on a fishing trip. Suitable for fishing small baits class “Light”. The choice for long. The longer spinning – the farther the cast, but more difficult with him cope. If you’re going to catch on forest rivers, a long “stick” to you makes no sense. It will only cling to the bushes. Take a spinning 2 – 2.5 meters. This will be enough to send a decoy to 70 m. Now we need to define spinning as sensitive to bite, this is not necessary to run on water. Grasp the handle with one hand and the other slightly-click on the rod (or ask your neighbor). You should feel the impact, vibration – then the spinning us right. Also, when choosing a rod be sure to inspect it for physical damage. All the crossing of the ring should be smooth without chipping. Coverage is not cracked and smooth. Reel mounting mechanism should gradually twist until the end, without any effort. The connection must not hlyabat knees. Otherwise, then it may be a lot of problems and when trying to return an item you are accused of improperly use. More attention should be paid to cover. If the product is a fine case in which the tribes are fighting each other, get more dense, always with two sections. If you are buying a gift in spinning, take one that the most beautiful and shiny polished handle!