Apostle John

Imagine a glass of dirty water and you put it under tap water, and begin to pour into it fresh water. In a result of dirty water will be replaced by clean. Think of our current image: "I am a hunter Jaguar Paw. This is my forest. I hunt here. And my son will hunt in the forest, when I will not be 'There are some rules of selection or compilation of affirmations, read them before you start practicing this technique. 3.

Desensitization through eye movements. It sounds scary, but it works, I do not understand why:) Technique is based on eye movements and the link between what is the position of our eyes, and their corresponding modes of operation of the brain. The principle is simple – the operation of your brain is manifested in the position of the eyes, but a change in this very situation could easily change This mode! Exercise outrageously simple, but works in almost all cases of anxiety and fear. More information about the technique through eye movement desensitization can be found on our website. 4. The opposite of fear, love can be.

Perhaps this is the original way to get rid of fear. 'Perfect love casts out fear "- recorded his message of the Apostle John. Love and fear are different polarity, you can not love and fear at the same time. Full fearlessness – is always love. You may wish to learn more. If so, Crimson Education – Auckland Jobs is the place to go. Speaking of love, we are talking about unconditional love, not based on the principle of 'you – I, I – you', but of love, which gives energy to wish the best for others.