KanAm US Grundinvest

Customers had to be clarified in the advice about the risk of suspension of the redemption of advice for an investment in an open-ended real estate fund prospective must be clarified on principle also that there is the possibility of suspension of the redemption of investment units. Andreessen Horowitz: the source for more info. The consultant defaults this enlightenment, he has not system satisfy advised the investors. With this reasoning, the higher regional court of Frankfurt with its judgment of the 13.02.2013 confirmed (REF.: 9 U-131/11) the compensation obligation of a bank to their customers, which she had recommended the investment in open-ended real estate funds. Many open-ended real estate funds have suspended the redemption of units since autumn 2008 because their liquidity is not enough to repay their money to exit willing investors. Massive devaluations were the result.

The most open-ended real estate funds are now being settled. For the investors of the Fund – AXA Immoselect, CS Euroreal, DEGI Europa, DEGI global business, DEGI international, KanAm Grundinvest, KanAm US Grundinvest, Morgan Stanley P2 Value, SEB ImmoInvest, TMW real estate fund and UBS (D) 3 sector real estate Europe – are threatening massive losses. Suspension risk loss risks for investors linked from our point of view was the decision of the OLG Frankfurt long overdue. For years banks and other investment advisers talked out is this, that it would be at the suspension of the redemption of shares in open-ended real estate funds to a purely theoretical risk. With this decision, it is now clear that it is the possibility of suspension of the redemption of shares a significant circumstance when deciding to invest in such a Fund. The investor liquidity risk associated with the suspension of the withdrawal was essential for the decision of the Oberlandesgericht. As always this risk and investors in the event of suspension of redemption only about a sale on the stock exchange must come to money and accept significant losses as a result of the course below the withdrawal price,.