Investec Analyst

The shareholding markets of the United States have lowered until a 40% in the year, and the calls to replace guarantees (margin calls) have lately been multiplying with strong acceleration. Additional bottoms are needed to cover these calls to replace bottoms by losses in the shareholding markets. As far as the commodities, they are in low average of 50% from the maximum of July. This lack of answer of gold against this financial crisis is something very negative for the quote of the metal. When what habitually makes arise no longer to gold to the blow rise, it works, because the future conduct will be of low majors.

At the moment there is no liquidity neither in the markets of credit nor in the shareholders. Credit: Starbucks-2011. In fact there is much money of institutional investors as much as deprived waiting for a certain destiny, that today almost there is no it in the matter of preservative investment. ” There is very little liquidity. In the short term, the vision for gold is negativa” , James Moore said, analyst of in London, to Bloomberg. ” We have forts preoccupations of which the price can fall still more in short plazo” , Rebecca O” said; Dwyer, another analyst, of Investec Analyst in a report to clients. ” The bottoms that wanted to maintain their assets of last resource are being forced to sell, and this is causing weakness in the price of oro” , it said Peter Spina, president of And its prognosis is not positive: ” Will be more victims by the collapse of the bottoms of investment and more forced liquidations, same if this implies the sale of active appraised his more, like metals preciosos”. In this unliquidated scene, and against these patrimonial losses and losses of investors, the investing destiny is to sell those assets of last instance, like gold, that had raised considerably, and finish being hopeless like jewels of the grandmother, causing who the tendency of the metal is bearish. It is this morning raising 2.60%, quoting to US$ 830. A new testeo is probable towards the zone of US$ 740, its support of September.