First Protein

The best natural sources of carbohydrates – it's cereals, except semolina and polished rice, the dark varieties of pasta, cereals, potatoes, better baked, vegetables and fruits. Do not lean on juices – they have very much sugar. Better bread with bran or grain, unleavened. Sources of fat are well proven herbal oils, fatty fish, nuts, and can be a bit of butter and (!) lard. Fat should be at 20-22 percent of daily calories. Answering your questions online, I very often see such statements such as: ' I decided to start bodybuilding and bought a certain protein ' or 'what supplements I take it – I decided to go to the gym ' The first 2-3 months of training you do not need any food supplements , but good vitamin-mineral complex! First, you must configure the usual food for flawless functioning of your body and create a rational mode of the day. 2-3 months organize your before and after the driving power in accordance with the objectives that you are putting yourself.

This may be a small (15-25 g) serving of whey protein for 30-45 minutes before training and helping gainer after a workout – it is when you are trying to increase muscle mass. And if you're working on fat shredding program, 5.8 tablets bcaa and / or 1-2 teaspoons of glutamine. By the way, at work on a lot of these additives can merge, while fat burning training – add 1-3 grams L-carnitine before exercise. After another 3-4 weeks you can enter the morning portion of whey protein, and a month later, add a portion of the protein complex composition or tablets at bedtime, bringing the total daily dose of protein to 2-3 grams, depending on your goals.