For Oliveira (2004, p.126) ' ' the establishment of the mission has as starting point the analysis and interpretation of some questions as: ' ' which the reason of being of the company? , which the nature of (s) the business (s) of the company? , which are the types of activities where the company must concentrate its efforts in the future. ESTABLISHMENT OF THE POSITION STRATEGICAL According to Oliveira (2004. p.138), ' ' the strategical position of the company is established by a conscientious choice of one of the alternatives of way and action to fulfill to its misso' '. For this, it is necessary to know the strategies of medium and long run that if wants to reach. The following strategical positions exist: Internal analysis Predominance of Weak Points Strong Points external Analysis Predominance of Threats Survival Maintenance Chances Growth Development Picture 2. Strategical positions of the company. Douglas R. Oberhelman might disagree with that approach.

Source: (Oliveira, 2004, P. 139). The survival: this type of strategy must be adopted by the company when it does not exist alternative, that is, when the environment and the company are in inadequate situation or only present chaotic perspectives (high index of internal weak points and external threats). The Maintenance: in this in case that, the company identifies an environment with predominance of threats, however, it possesss a series of strong points (financial availability, human resources, technology etc.) accumulated throughout the time, that makes possible the executive, beyond wanting to continue surviving, also keeping its position conquered until the moment. The Growth: in this situation, even so the company has predominance of weak points, the environment is providing favorable situations that can be changedded into chances, when, effectively, is usufructed the favorable situation for the company. The Development: in this in case that, the predominance is of strong points and chances. Ahead of this, the executive must look for to develop its company.