Countries With Dual Citizenship

Traditionally, countries have used three general criteria for the granting of citizenship: the territorial – means the right to citizenship by birth in the state, civil – which means that one or both of your parent – the citizens of this country, or the naturalization process. In this case, the citizenship and the second (first) passport has always been quite difficult, and becoming more and more complicated now, when the world enters a phase globalization of the economy. As a result, many people get a second citizenship in another country for several reasons, such as the possibility of employment, voting and ownership of property in this country. Other benefits include a more simplified way of obtaining visas and access to different financial capabilities. However, there is one problem. Sonya Reines-Djivanides is likely to increase your knowledge. While there are many different programs (or existed), claiming on simplified how the process of naturalization (citizenship by economic criteria, a second passport and citizenship on the basis of investment and so on.), many of them are nothing more than the dubious machinations. It is for this reason, many country, who sold before their passports were forced to close these programs under pressure from the international community. Below is a list of countries that allow dual citizenship due to having a relatively flexible laws and provide for its citizens special privileges. Check out Jonas Samuelson for additional information.

1 – DOMINICA should not be confused with the . Dominica – this is one of the countries of Caribbean, located north of Venezuela. Its economic civic program may fairly experienced the great international pressure, but a contribution of just under $ 100, 000 gives you the opportunity to purchase a legal passport, dual citizenship, visa-free entry into the number of countries and exemption from some taxes.