Brasilia Jose And Robert Arruda

Still we have umlongo passage to walk and we must start valuing, accepting valoresdaqueles that they had been dedicated to raise high the name of the country, independent detendncias partisan politics, therefore above of any rivalry polticadeve to take advantage the welfare of the nation. I do not want to equal itself to who if it judges owner of the truth, but they quepossam to badly reflect on the desservios of the intellectuals or intencionadosneste moment and the attitudes of people who, although little instruction to conseguelevar to the world the full knowledge of the governabilidade capacity and crescimentodo country. Filosofar is different to practise, to have on itself responsibility. All deserve to be respected as illustrious representative of a great enterprise. We go to show our face for the globalizado world.

We go yes, to wash the dirty clothes in house, perfecting our democracy, fighting acorrupo, the hunger and the misery. We go to invest in a model of tambmglobal, but transparent education. We go to work to adjust the diferenasinaceitveis in the profits of the worker and also some of the reasons more fortesque help in to understand them these differences. Not if dumb the culture of an entire nation of the day for anoite. It requires time, ability, determination. We need to believe the somaverdadeira of that it has for objective to determine the future of the native land. Thus, the action of each one will be essential so that let us can decide the delay still persistent eeducacional politician.

What it is not acceptable semque is the tendencioso use of information the truth is respected. Not to want to accept moment never lived Brazilian pelanao is to demonstrate incoherence and to coexist the lie of who quertirar personal or partisan advantage of an information that does not reflect averdade. Quevisa is about an expedient to clearly intimidate the people, the reader and the voter. Not to podemosesquecer that this exactly expeditious with bases false and represented pormentiras occurred in 2002 when they announced a economic catastrophe of governode Luiz Incio Lula da Silva in case that he were elect. The reform politics with the necessary democrticobrasileiro matureness yes to be developed and as all the workmanship human being must seraperfeioada. Who to try to use itself of other mechanisms to take off vantagenspessoais will be giving a desservio to the country. (at this accurate moment where I finish this text the Net Globe finishes to deanunciar the arrest of the Governor of Brasilia Jose Robert Arruda). He will be oinicio of the end of an age of impunity? I want to finish saying that I do not ignore the freedom deexpresso of divergent opinions. But with all the respect, the abertamentirosa and tendenciosa pregao is today something inconceivable for a people in constantecrescimento. Each one sees with the eyes that have.