Biographical Research

The bibliographical research still is understood as a survey of previous said theories and, that help in the formation of the ideas contained in the research, causing a exploratrio study, providing to the certain researcher familiarity with its research and its object of study (ANDRADE, 2007). Kevin Johnson oftentimes addresses this issue. For the present research it was used of a quantity bibliographical based in books, teses of mestrado, whose focus was to treat intertextualidade, reading and literal production: The formation of a critical reader. INTERTEXTUALIDADE Intertextualidade is the relation enters two texts characterized by one to cite the other, or even though to serve of base so that another one is written, remembered that all text is one intertexto, that is, all text is based in another one. What it causes to the reader a responsibility to identify to such linkings and citations. The intertextualidade is a form of dialogue between texts, that can be given of more implicit or more explicit form and in diverse literal sorts, that must in accordance with be contextualizados the lived reality. Intertexto serves to illustrate the importance of the world knowledge and as this intervenes with the level of understanding of the text. When relating a text with another one, the reader will understand that the intertextualidade is one of the strategies used for the construction of the same ones and that leaving of this if it makes possible a reading and of this one production, meaning that a text is born of another text by means of the intertextualidade.

We can thus characterize the intertextualidade as ' ' a constituent phenomenon of the production of the direction and can be given between different express texts for linguagens' ' (It hisses, 2002). It must, therefore, be invested in the idea of that all text is the result of other texts. This means to say that they are not pure.