Argument Weapons

Snow ball: To elaborate a sussesso of conclusions that lead to the nonsense. If to approve laws against the automatic weapons, will not delay very until approving laws against all the weapons and then we will start to restrict all our rights. We will finish for living in a totalitarian state. Therefore we do not have to banish the weapons automticas.’ ‘ Complex cause: To super value a cause when it has several, or a system of causes. Former: ‘ ‘ The accident would not have occurred if the localization of arbusto.’ was not me; ‘ Irrelevant conclusion: To get a conclusion that nor all agrees. Former: ‘ ‘ The law must stipulate a system of quotas in the elections so that the women can occupy more positions politicians. The positions are dominated by men and not to make something to change this situation is unacceptable. We need a society igualitria.’ more; ‘ Obscure definition: To define something in inexact or incompressible terms. Former: ‘ ‘ Life is the sublime butterfly that beats its wing of ns.’ inside; ‘ God of the gaps: To answer questions without solution with supernatural explanations and/or that they cannot be proven.