Abstract System

The system is abstract, the reality is concrete. Then, the subject to about the choice becomes basic in the philosophy existncialismo Kiekegaardiano, it is as if it was a nucleus of the existence human being. To create a philosophy on of the choice is also to assume the anguish that this backwards. The choice is a risk for the uncertainty, but when opting not to also choose we are choosing something, that later in them will make submisso to the choice of the other. To exist is to choose itself. We can conclude that the existence and taking of you distress.

We are destined to choose until our last day. In opposition to the choice the nothing exists. The nothing is the desperation absence, but that also it is impossible to be lived. The absence of choices would be the contact with the infinite. Our decisions are between the everything and the nothing.

existence human being if processes in three periods of training: The aesthetic one, ethical and the religious one. First, the aesthetic one, it is marked by the hedonism. While one investigates the reasons of the life, the man remains under the total domain of the directions, of the feelings. Convicto of that he is entirely free, lives searching pleasures to the maximum, trying to use to advantage all the moments of its life in intense way, delivering only the temporary aspect, escapes to it and them situations that never will be happened again. The citizen lives then questions about the choices. As it does not have logical reasons that they limit the individual in its choices, the individual tries to the maximum to find the direction of its life using to advantage it the maximum, but it seems that nothing it backwards the reply, the man if despairs. The period of training appears then as: the ethical one.