Now we consider several issues: the site content and keywords, job search engines, directories, articles. 1. What is the content? Content – is the information for which visitors come to your site. Content must be very securities – a minimum of spelling errors, no less than 300 words on each page. Now, the key words.

You should make a list of keywords for which your site will be found in searches. But no need to drive in all these key words at the end of the page is full of valuable content keywords! 2. You are probably more than once asked himself the question: How do search engines work? For example, type in Yandex 'website tricks', you'll get a page with links. Click on 'Copy' under each link. Before you open the site with the words in the yellow frame 'the site' and 'focus'. Concludes: while indexing your site search engine counts the number of repetitions of each word.

3. The best way to unwind site – it adds to his article. These articles can be added to article directories, making a link to your website. But should not place your site in all article directories. Need to be able to distinguish white from gray article directories. White does not require reciprocal links, and the gray demand.