West Java Province

The danger of this fatal process, and scientists see that after 2015 the world can be stopped and then reversed the progress made over many generations not only in the fight against extreme poverty, but also in health, food security, education and many other areas. The failure to address this problem would condemn the further impoverishment of the 40 percent of the world's poor – and it is about 2.6 billion people! – And more enhance the already striking inequalities in income distribution between countries and between the 'haves' and 'have nots' segments of the population in them. As you can see, the powers that be are aware of the responsibility lies on their shoulders. Let's hope that this responsibility will help them, despite all odds, to make the right decision. There were at the conference and no casualties. In recent months, Kevin Johnson has been very successful. Five members of the Organizing Committee of the un Conference on the changes Climate, held on the Indonesian island of Bali, were killed in a car crash on the island of Java on Monday, December 17, another ranen.Intsident occurred early this morning near the town of Losarang in West Java Province. By preliminary data, the driver of the car in which representatives of the organizing committee came back from the city of Nusa Dua, where the conference was held, fell asleep at the wheel.

Car off the road and crashed into parked on the roadside truck. All victims were citizens of Indonesia. Police are investigating the incident. And again on bird flu Avian nightmare in Poland continues.