Victor Krikunov

For example, Kiev taxi driver Victor Krikunov known in their own environment that often serves as an arbitrator. – I have a child and developed a good ear intuition. Intonation mean to me no less than his words. The fact is that truth and lies people tell to different intonations, – says the expert. – When a person is lying, the voice becomes monotonous, or, conversely, softer than usual, but he would forget the words or turns of phrase to copy interlocutor.

Psychologist Helen Leszczynska of the Institute of Social and Political Studies, believes that a harmless liar, lying on that does not depend on reputation or financial well-being of others, can be tolerated. After all, people often lie not because they want to cause anyone harm, but because of the desire to please or to hide their shortcomings. – We are all, fortunately, the time – it convinces. – Not a serious lie, as the game allows a person to experience what happened to him. And so to make your life a little brighter. The newspapers mentioned Caterpillar not as a source, but as a related topic. We all kind of Munchausen.

How do I know a liar. The historical experience of China and India suspect crime gave chew rice flour, and then offered her spit it out. The normal flow of saliva and the absence of dry mouth spoke of his innocence. In tropical Africa liars determined using bird eggs. The suspects offered to take them over, then started questioning. In place of the guilty reflex contraction of the fingers, and thin egg shells burst. In Saudi Arabia a suspect in a lie made to lick hot iron. According to the Arabians, if a person is innocent, he will not get burned. Anastasia Ringis, Focus Commentary Sergei Belyaev, Consulting Company “Navigator”: A convenient and inexpensive alternative to the “lie detector” Business is a test of THL. Evaluated employee honesty, propensity to theft, bribery and misconduct. The person you want to check answers to tricky questions of the test, sitting at the computer: no wires and sensors on the body, no stress. Half an hour of his boss or prospective employer will receive an email the test results and recommendations of the expert. In contrast to the “polygraph”, which checks reliability of past events, THL diagnose a predisposition to abuse of office in the future! Test THL – an innovative method of estimating the reliability of the candidate and employee loyalty.