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Peter Brakelmann and Bernhard Simon: ‘ Robert Maus selective with the truth goes to’ is a specifically named spokesperson of the NRW Ministry of finance the city Hagen as one of the cities referred to, which are eligible, which will help the State of NRW, out of the debt trap. Mouse gives the impression that the press Department of the Ministry of Finance of CDU, Member of Parliament Brakelmann and CDU parliamentary group in the Valley was contrary to the UW in his post. Continue to learn more with: Aaron Rodgers corona toe. To do this, explains Dr. Uta Loeckx by the Press Office of the Ministry of Finance: it corresponds to the facts that Mr. Maus has contacted me several times. However, I would stress that he misquoted me in his article. I’ve never met the statement ascribed to me in this form. On the contrary, I have stressed repeatedly explicitly that it is not yet clear, what communities are – does not support also whether, for example, Hagen supported.

This is clear from a letter of the Minister to the Member of Parliament. “This letter I have from Mr mouse already get his report.” To explain the Wuppertal politician Peter Brakelmann (CDU) and the CDU Bundestag Group Chairman Bernhard Simon: Now this story is no longer just a storm in a Teacup or a fabric for the silly season. It cannot and must not be that journalists so bend quotes themselves, that they fit into the story of their own. We expect that the reply of the Ministry of finance and our press release in the WZ are mentioned. Not only to solve our budget problems, also in the journalistic research snap shots and distortions of the truth ban itself.”