US State Department

The President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, congratulated to the address of the web site WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange, by the recent publication of confidential messages from the US State Department, which put the naked Empire, according to the Venezuelan leader. We must congratulate the people of WikiLeaks for its courage, bravery, said the President, stressing that new documents left uncovered the policy of United States espionage. At the same time, he strongly criticized the position of the State Department, which considers this revelation not only as an attack on American diplomacy, but also to the international community. Responding to this statement, Chavez addressed directly the Secretariat of State, Hillary Clinton, asking him to renounce his post. He should resign. Madam, is the least that can do, give up, he said.

Commenting on the contents of the last filtration, the President of Venezuela also put in doubt that You can influence the American attitude. I don’t know what will do United States, well, they don’t care about much, so no, but few things are coming, how irrespetan up to a its allies, how much spying!, exclaimed… In his latest revelation WikiLeaks also reported the same Chavez-related data. In particular, they reported that American management had implemented many efforts to isolate President and thwart the affair of the Bolivarian revolution. Only that they have failed and will not achieve, stressed.

This Monday the portal leaked more than 250,000 secret documents of U.S. diplomats. UU. that it contained several little flattering comments regarding various world leaders. It is greater filtering of confidential information ever presented to public opinion.