To recognize that our true essence is more and more important, by this at the moment the Universe looks for to draw our attention, and it will continue it doing during this new year. The task for each of us will be to pay attention to that call to the stars that only try that we pruned to recognize that the reality is not in which every one owns in the material, in which the society has sold to us like important, because in fact than the life treats is to live happy, in love and harmony with the Universe, of which all we are children The desperate calls and alert of the scientists around the world about the possibility of an encounter with inhabitants of other planets, in which they try to bring about fear and loss of prestige towards this type of subjects, are only a calculated handling so that we follow sunk in the ignorance and that the unique source of knowledge is the one that they provide to us. The fear to lose the control exerted in the societies, makes take those desperate measures. , If eras before able to say that the possibility of life in other planets was feasible, they themselves were in charge to describe your ridiculous and fantasiosas declarations like, clearing all type of credibility to these affirmations through the ridicules and the exclusion of his closed scientific community. But now that every time are more independent astronomers, more eyes put in our Cosmos, as well as more manifestations on the part of cosmic visitors, so " absurd posibilidad" it has been changed by " very high probability that the life it exists, but with similarity to ours, reason why the dangers of invasion and control on the part of those external civilizations are altas" , wanting once again to manipulate any attempt of communication with other civilizations. Others including rephael sternberg, offer their opinions as well. .