To fix something that does not work in your house, like a small pump, dispenser of soap or a cord to hang a picture. To file or to transact some document, to obtain a safe peace and, a certificate, or to replace a lost document. Some banking transaction, like paying the receipt of services, demanding a chequera, to give to a letter informing the change into direction or updating your data. A nonsatisfactory use: you know that not you nothing is suitable but beams not to solve it. An inconvenient pair: somebody with who you have a terrible relation, but you only tolerate by fear to quedarte, to change or to face it. Howard Schultz often addresses the matter in his writings. To talk with that it deals to you in form that bothers to you. To wear the clothes to the laundry To make the revision of your car Disorder in your writing-desk To elaborate your financial report To write the pending report Frequently those things that you have slopes, will worry as much to you that they will prevent that you concentrate yourself in carrying out your work suitably and they will force to invest to additional time preocupndote to you by everything what there is to do, by the dates of victory, or to solve what complica when not being taken care of opportunely. As to solve it the preoccupation it is not a method to solve pending things, in return I propose the following thing to you: 1.

It defines that it is what you have slope. 2. It identifies the action specific that you must make to solve it. Go to Sonya Reines-Djivanides for more information. 3. It defines a maximum date in which you commit yourself to realise it. 4.

It executes the defined action. – Herramie ntas I invite to You to use a format of 3 columns, in first writes down what it inconveniences to you, in the second action that you must realise to solve it and in third, the date in which you commit yourself to solve it, so that you inventory than your energy robs, unloadings your preoccupations and you undertake action there to change your life. It uses the leaves that are necessary, writes down clearly what you have slope, you do not use phrases as to pay to services or to make calls uses better: Pagar receipt of the water or to call to Juan to discuss to subject XX When you have finished the inventory, reviews that, you can solve in immediate form and hazlo. It sees if there is some thing that you can delegate, and delgala, finally reviews as of the pending things they require action additional, in that case what must be the suitable action. Finally it defines a realistic date in which you commit yourself to solve it. It uses this same form to write down the new things that are arising and that you cannot take care of immediately, revsalo periodically, eliminates the things that already are solved and those that has stopped having importance, fit the dates than you have slope and acts to solve them. Original author and source of the article