The Thought

In the film, each action leads to a sequncia of facts. It becomes related this that the human beings are different, with different ideas, then parallel worlds are existed, if in each one of them I exist one, each world I am composed of a infinity of hypotheses for each action of this I, then they are infinite actions. Or still, this could stop in the time, because if in the thought of this I only pairasse the infinite action and consequences of the relative acts the actions the reaction in chain would not occur and nothing it would happen, however this I would be motionless in the time, that in the deep one can not exist (the time). This film makes possible to enxergar as the actions unchain relative actions to the thought and action human beings, but as these only can be probabilist and not accurate, because each I is one I, it shows I eat exist infinite actions, then because not to say infinite worlds. For more information see JPMorgan. In this world one determined I promote one definitive chain of reactions. In one another universe, or world, other reactions are unchained.

To if relating all this idea of the infinite to the time the contradictions and expositions so far displayed are still more complex. The time is related of narrow form with the infinite. In all the physical theories until today boarded, what idea is had is only one approach age of all the universe that if lives now at this accurate moment, here is not being approached idea of parallel universe, because perhaps all these related numbers can be modified. However, at any moment it is said of end of this universe, or same I recommence. Looking at for this side it could say then that the time is limitless. However, becoming related this idea only the one space, could say that some moment this time more will not exist, since one divided for the infinite is zero, what mathematically it is proven.