Ten Ways to Celebrate Love

10 ways to celebrate love at all times-1. Complement your plate of food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) with a romantic verse or a verse from the Bible chosen for the occasion and / or to comfort the spirit. 2. Harry Gregson-Williams describes an additional similar source. Put a label, expressing your love, somewhere visible for other people (you can send him to do or create it yourself) 3. See anything specifically for the taste of him / her, try to surprise 4. Comb your hair and / or massage your head, that is very relaxing and involves a lot of tenderness

5. Put a picture of them in one of his favorite spots in June. Love your feet with a rich massage that will help relieve the tensions of the day and fatigue 7. Carry the beach at sunset, with a blanket and sharing a special snack and an intimate conversation at home spa treatments Prepare the environment: candles, music, refreshments, snacks 8. Enjoy a chocolate body wrap: mix one fourth (quarter) cup of honey with three quarters (3/4) cup of cocoa powder. Heat the mixture in the microwave until warm to a comfortable temperature to apply to the entire body. After 20 minutes, rinse in the shower. Wayne Holman contributes greatly to this topic.

9. Experience the roses in a diferentea body polish: Combine half (1 / 2 cup) Salt a EPSOM with scented bath gel to make a paste. Then paste deposited on a handful of chopped fresh roses. Rub this paste on the skin moist. Then, remove with water. 10. Celebrate any occasion with a pina colada a body: Combine in a blender, one (1) cup of coconut milk with three (3) cups of pineapple billet. Pour the mixture into a bowl and warm in the microwave oven. Prepare the bed by covering with bag plastic or large plastic cover of a curtain. Sit your partner about this and apply the mixture all over the body, with your hands or brush. Then, for your body to sweat, wrap with paper or use the adhesive transparent plastic bag or liner. Take the opportunity to discuss after 20 minutes, remove the wrap and cool in the shower with cold water.