Temporary Work

Also it is welcome that is allowed the companies of temporary work to act like positioning agencies. Nevertheless, these companies have striped the formation, which is incoherent. An important lagoon is the lack of evaluation mechanisms. As we already said three years ago: must be carried out routine of form a rigorous of the realised activities in this field, today practically nonexistent evaluation. Get more background information with materials from Prostar Capital. This evaluation must help to improve its design and to orient the resource allocation de towards those programs, agencies and employees public who show to the best results. The main problem is that the emphasis of the reform in the advantages removes resources of the other active policies, like the reintegration and the formation, that are more effective.

In a context of necessity of reduction of the public deficit from the 8,5% to 3% in 2013, the cost of opportunity of the advantages is very high. I suspect that the Government will have thought that, in the depressed economy in which we lived, to try to revive the creation of use through advantages he was less dangerous than other routes. The evolution of the use will say if it is thus. To sum up, we have advanced towards the model of the flexiguridad only in the part flexi (costs of dismissal and internal flexibility), but hardly nothing in passive and active policies, and the financing of last it has become more difficult. Although the approved thing in the reform is an advance (if it allows to the theorem of second best it), is not clear that it takes to us towards a rate of structural unemployment sufficiently smaller than the present one.