Sunny Times For Perfectly Shaded Conservatories

A winter garden creates opportunities to welcome light inside the living room. Stephanskirchen, September 2013 sustainable atmosphere”but in addition to optimum light other aspects depends, which must be taken into account in the planning of the winter garden.Questions such as: the orientation towards the sky, external factors such as wind or snow areas, user behaviour for humans, animals and plants, statutory regulations, architectural options or aesthetic feeling must be answered. In addition the choice of glasses and shading systems. Cool the best shading system: In the summer, warm in the winter a reliable system of shading is necessary especially on hot summer days, to avoid excessive heating of the winter garden. It creates an ideal room climate and protects the Interior from direct sunlight. In the winter, it reduces the heating heat loss and helps save costs. Comfortable control and control options such as PC, Smartphone, Tablet PC, and much more. can be simply regulated the desired amount of light, and easily adjust heating and ventilation intervals.

Perfectly protected with ISO-shadow shutter glasses ISO-shadow is so an optimal shading system for vertical glazing in the winter garden. The high-quality product from the House of GLASTEC was continuously over the last 25 years. Can the fins in the disc space (SDR) as double (approx. 43 mm thick) or triple insulating glass (thickness approx. 58 mm) produced.

The aluminium slats have a width of 16 mm and can be manufactured in different colors. Large glass surfaces allow you more creative freedom. ISO-shadow can be in almost all frameworks whether incorporate aluminium, wood, plastic or steel. Advantages of ISO-shadow at a glance high life (successfully tested by the ift Rosenheim with 20,000 cycles) no damage by weather, no wind noise no cleaning and maintenance-free architecturally sophisticated look very good with fire protection or noise control requirements can be combined ideal Another quality product by GLASTEC is complemented with ISO-roll for the roof-ISO-roll. The metallized film polyester available in different variants and is also in the space between the panes (SDR 24 mm) integrated of the insulating glass. The electric drive of the film with two motors can be ISO-roll ideal inserted into the roof of the winter garden. Angle of inclination of 0 to 90 degrees make ISO-roll a real all-rounder with model panes as: parallelograms, triangles, trapezoids, beveled edges, and much more. With a total energy transmission up to 8%, and with its transparent properties ISO-roll look outward admits. Through the reflection of the Sun’s rays, the heat stays outside. For more than 20 years develops and produces the GLASTEC Rosenheim high-tech insulating glass successfully with solar and Visual protection systems in the space between the panes. Especially in the winter garden building intelligent systems have become ISO-shadow and ISO-roll. Both systems show a years long-lasting functionality and exhibit a positive cost benefit balance. More Information about shading systems in between the panes contact: Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH Dorothee Kriewald