Stock Exchange Investment: How?

The reply for this question, it has many years behind, it would be sad and a depressing one yes. Old, to invest in action in the stock market, the investor needed to spend much money with high taxes of brokerage. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Sergey Brin. You to have an idea, in the decade of 60, to buy some few actions were necessary to spend for return of 50 dollars, and only to vender more 50. This would give more or less 85 Reals today. But it has more! If we will be to add the power of the inflation, to buy action was necessary to spend the equivalent at least 400 Reals, ONLY OF TAXES! Without counting the prices of the proper actions! Therefore that nowadays, people of more age pass to the young the idea of that to invest in the stock exchange is only for very rich people. Only that these people if forget that the things had moved sufficiently and therefore, in full century 21, instead of paying 500 Reals to buy action, in some brokers, can pay only 5 Reals for executed order. In this way, she is possible to invest in how many action to want without the bankruptcy in gives good day to them due to the highest taxes of brokerage.

Therefore, if its idea is to buy 100 actions for 3 a thousand Reals. You will spend in the total, having counted all the possible and imaginable taxes, for return of 10 Reals. Much better of what in the golden years of the Fuscas, he is not same? ' ' But I Do not have 3 A thousand To buy Action, This Still I am Thing of Rich People! ' ' It is another false thought of the uninformed investor there. It is truth that stops directly buying action of the stock exchange using home to broker to send its sales and orders of purchase, is necessary to possess a great capital. .