Stefan Gessulat

Stefan Gessulat, former editor in Chief of MAXIM and MAXIM fashion, is involved in the Munich-based start up It is an online portal for new fashion shopping in the Internet. It allows its customers with a unique visual search to search through many online stores for certain brands and products at the same time. filters in colors, shapes and even specific patterns with its innovative software fashion items. Stefan Gessulat says: the concept of has impressed immediately, because it gives a completely new quality fashion shopping on the Internet.

The user must now browse an online store after another. does that now automatically – and allows the customer to previously unimagined comparisons with minimal effort. “For fashion shopping in the Internet, you need only a single page in the future:” Benjamin Gunther, Managing Director of says: Stefan Gessulat is a great partner for us, because he actively contributes his concentrated style competence as the long-time editor-in-Chief of fashion and lifestyle magazines. In addition he has a unique network.” Before Galloway became the editor in Chief of MAXIM and MAXIM fashion, he was among other things the editor-in-Chief of PLAYBOY. the shopping platform for fashion on the Internet, makes it possible to search simultaneously for fashion items of different brands in many online stores. Due to latest algorithms of image recognition of users can find starting similar products from a product that match in style and color. Also, it offers the possibility to browse all available on the Web special offers on one side only.

In the near future, we will expand the platform and provide additional features, allowing even more search results. The STYLIGHT GmbH was founded in November 2008 by Anselm Bauer, Benjamin Gunther, Max-Josef Meier and Sebastian Schuon and one more renowned business angels as well as Holtzbrinck Ventures to their investors. It aims to increase online and offline collaborations with fashion and LIfestylemagazinen in the future.