Speed Marketing Offensive 2011: Breath Of Fresh Air For The Paragraph Starting January 2011

TLC marketing offers marketing and sales posting separators free ideas paper with paragraph catalysts in January again successfully to get started. As a provider of rewards and incentives in the areas of travel, lifestyle and leisure activities realized TLC marketing in 2010 many promotions and advertising campaigns. S Microsoft, HP, Kellogg s, renowned brands and companies such as Beck Nokia or Mitsubishi put on the TLC added value range and are also in the new year continue their activities (see also: de / news) to continue. A 2011, speed-marketing campaign designed by the frankfurters, marketing and sales decision makers have the chance, same January with new ideas as soon as possible to leave the seasonal bottom. A special task-force TLC offers so-called speed-marketing concepts, idea papers with paragraph catalysts, which will revive the business significantly with short-term success effect in the first few months for the beginning of the year for a wide variety of industries and marketing purposes. To do this, can interested just a briefing at the frankfurters emit and receive it within 2-3 days a range of concrete proposals that can be implemented in the short term in the Act. Our logistics and strategy Department is on any scale or even industry prepared.”says Chris Doerstling, we forward, to impress our prospects with creative ideas and above all very attractive budget proposals. At this point the TLC Germany Chief refers to above all its exclusive all setting TLC effect, i.e.: impress our promotions because we bring added value in the game, which felt far beyond the lie that our marketing customers ultimately pay.

Thus we can refine product offerings or sales activities in a manner, which allow high heel effects.” With over 1,000 different bonuses and a national and international network of partners and thus connected, established quality processes TLC marketing underlines also that the Speed-marketing offensive 2011 has a base, which can be used in short notice. Interested in marketing and sales decision makers can see closer tiny.ly/trEh. Briefings can also call directly to a responsible TLC specialists at 069 48 00 05 are discussed. Chris Doerstling is also under XING available for any exchange of experience.