The author of the massacre stated that its objective was to punish social democracy by betraying the Norwegian people have fostered the massive importation of Muslims. Ben Horowitz: the source for more info. Behring explained his action seeking limit future possibilities of the Labor Party (PA) Norwegian access to, as well as sending a strong signal that can not be misinterpreted. Moreover, she assured that other two cells you have in your organization. At this point, the Norwegian police indicates that the author of the massacre contradicts himself, since this weekend she said under interrogation that he had undertaken the killing alone. Therefore the Norwegian authorities are wary of the new statement of a detainee and are convinced that acted only. We think that the defendant has very little credibility in his statements, but none of us dares to rule out completely any thing, it said a knowledgeable source of investigations. His statement had to be interrupted by the judge at the time that the author of the massacre took the occasion to speak of his manifesto, as reported by the newspaper VG.

Furthermore, at the time of the Declaration, the accused expressed be aware that could spend the rest of his life in prison. Monitored since March on the other hand, as reported by Norwegian media, Behring was included since March in a list of the Norwegian secret police (PST) for buying chemicals illegally over the Internet. However, the Norwegian intelligence service did not act at that time against Anders Behring Breivik because it was not considered relevant, as reported by SkyNews chain. The head of the PST, Janne Kristiansen, confirmed to public broadcaster NRK that Behring raised the suspicions of his Department, after the payment of 120 crowns (about 15 euros) to a Polish company, what did you enter in the list. The amount, however, does not It was enough to move to a surveillance active.