SDA Tickets

After a few seconds will be given a list of machines relevant parameters. Please visit Kevin Johnson if you seek more information. As a result, the choice is absolutely the entire responsibility on the shoulders of each person who wants to become the full owner of the car. What gets a person who buys the car will? It is natural that some problems but also a kind of joy, especially if it's his first car, directly on which kopilis money for few years. Very often there are several reasons that can be fully disappoint any owner of anything as a result of purchasing a car, which he will long regret. One of them is tehsostoyanie machine. In general, preparing the cars for sale, the owner tries to give the car a nice look, not much caring about tehispravnosti. However, in this case, you may fix, in general, some want a breakdown, you need to do will invest a certain amount. But the second reason, which is quite capable of doing so, the new owner's car will bitterly remember the moment when he made a purchase, an encounter with the traffic police.

Updated rules SDA 2009, a few have changed the nature and role of the car inspectors to oversee the trucks and drivers. So people a long time ago not sadivshiysya behind the wheel, especially if the receipt of the license and to the date of purchase cars flew a dozen years, it can easily be left without a driver's license, almost the first day. Well, to return a driver's license need to pass the exam the SDA, which is directly According to statistics 99% could not pass favorably with the first or second attempt. In this regard, it should be before buying a car learn some new rules for the SDA, as well to check their theoretical knowledge needed to acquire Tickets SDA, and solve all problems. Of course, the theory without using the road will not give proper result, because of this before the break a rule SDA, you should consider – Is a kopilis money on cars for so many years, so after take away a driver's license for violations, again walking.