SchoolTrends – Consultant For The One-sided

More and more schools consult the introduction of school clothing by the Dusseldorf company uniform clothing is becoming increasingly popular among students. The Dusseldorf company “schoolTrends” uses this development and specializes in the distribution of school uniforms. Where is the advice in the foreground. School clothing is becoming increasingly popular. In addition to secondary schools such as the Joseph-Beuys-Gesamtschule and the Anne-Frank-Realschule, elementary school conferences also often opt for uniform clothing must be introduced on a voluntary basis. This trend observed entrepreneur Peter Visnjevski two years ago and developed a business idea from it.

His company schoolTrends developed since 2007 clothes for students. “Our concept is the holistic care. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out JPMorgan Chase. The first discussion of the subject on the development of a school logo to the delivery of the shirts, sweaters and jackets”, says the company founder. SchoolTrends looked after about 60 schools in whole Germany. In Dusseldorf, the company produced their Collection at the weekend in the Johann-Heidsiek special school for the deaf before.

For director Sabine Peter Jouon the common clothing is a special symbol for their students: “it enhances the identity of students, they have the feeling that they belong together,” the teacher believes. During the consultation phase, which can last up to a year, go to employees of the company in the classes, talk to parents and explain the advantages of school uniforms for teachers. “Especially the dialog with the students is important. Many think on the subject of school uniforms to uniforms and refusing to respond. Our patterns reminiscent of but what young people like to wear”, says Visnjevski. The collection includes T-Shirts, Polo shirts, hoodies, and jackets. Teachers are also V jerseys, shirts and blouses available. However no Blazer. “Blazer reminiscent of our approach to uniforms. We want to make aware the British model away”, says Visnjevki. Currently, trousers are also offers not schoolTrends. “The flavors are too different for trousers and skirts.” The secret of a good school clothes is for him, like the majority of the students. “Therefore we emphasize in the advice that the colors should be reserved”, says Visnjevski. Johann Heidsiek school students voted for the advice for a combination of dark blue and red. “This is a popular color combination,” praises Visnjevki. He advises against colors like purple and pink. Distributed is the school clothes in three ways: the school can forward the wishes of the parents into a Sammelbstellung. “We can set up an online store but also any school there, the parents can then order the items,” says Peter Visnjevski. The third way stresses the self-determination of students on the issue of school clothes. “We help schools, to establish a student company. Then distribute even the clothing.