Schneider Electric

Not so long ago in the Russian market appeared sockets and switches, looks virtually indistinguishable from the German production company Elso, – says Elena Emelyanov, a leading expert on sales at the Corporation lexel. – It turned out that they are doing in the Ukraine, and in the process of investigating the manufacturer of these products, said that the products are genuine and manufactured under license by Elso. In fact, there was no license and no negotiations with the Ukrainian companies has taken place. ” Likewise fake machine guns and ust. Visit website oftentimes addresses this issue.

And very often the producers of counterfeit fully replicate the look and labeling equipment, placing the inside of a very different “Stuffing”. “The appointment of an automaton – protection technology, and ust must protect rights, for example, with direct touch with live elements, as well as to prevent fire in case of short circuit, – notes Nikolay Debt manager, production of low voltage jsc “Schneider Electric”. – Naturally, no fake reliable protection would not provide. ” Attentive to their needs and attitudes valves: ball valves, filters, gearboxes, etc. Produce them is also an industrial way. Savings achieved through the use of cheaper materials (eg, colored scrap, zinc or brass instead silumin), reducing the thickness of the body, use in its manufacture castings instead of hot forging or hot pressing, and some other “tricks”. Resulting from the use of such products may become a failure in the apartment water system elimination of the consequences of which often end up paying repair not only in his own apartment, but the neighbors below.