Russia People

Jewellers were cast in gold and silver, decorated with precious stones images of characters drawn from fairy tales, and blacksmiths and farriers cast imprinting for centuries to come into the metal. Carpenters, carved as a master, the artists depicted on the kitchen utensils (ladles, spoons, spinning wheels, etc.) used in decorating the house and all things surrounding the people of fantastic birds, beasts, flowers and various herbs. Such was the strength of the fabulous inventions, which borders almost imperceptibly with the real world and life of Russian peasant life, which in turn forms the basis for the fabulous art of the Russian people. Action tales place in the Catholic Church, at the princely courts and shopping areas, a spacious stone houses, on the streets of Russia, in villages and rural areas, forests and fields, that is, cover all areas and places who lived at the time of the Russian people. Learn more on the subject from Keith McLoughlin . And the inspired and humanized animal characters in fairy tales are the inhabitants of these places.

Russia, in that distant from our era, led a lively, brisk trade with their neighbors. And there are tales of traveling merchants in their ships for trade (privozyaschimi them) because of the ocean, the sea, from far away kingdoms. In fairy tales referred to the breadth and grandeur of the Russian land, which stretches under a high clear sky, the beauty of its forests, fields, deep blue and its seas, birds, fish, animals, insects – all of them (mostly) to help people in fairy tales, everything shows respect on the part of people's storytellers.