Reviving Russian Real Estate

To revive the building market, the state plans to spend 82.6 billion rubles to buy 43 thousand apartments. However, the redeeming social housing under the program authority will be heavily discounted. So developers have to accept a cut in return to average. – Do you agree with the statement that the mortgage in Russia finally died? And what are the expectations for the coming year regarding consumer credit? – Mortgage before the crisis was in able "patient more dead than alive." Around the world believe that if mortgage rates above 9%, then the system does not work. In Russia, this value has never been at a level of 9%.

And now the banks and at all or significantly reduced the issuance of mortgage loans, if any, have ceased to provide them. Interest rates on consumer loans have risen. I think next year's credits in rubles banks will be given at 16% per annum in dollars and euros – slightly lower at 14%. Costly oil – This is bad! – The price of oil did not you call the main price of the Russian economy. Whether in 2009 it will be cheap? Did she never return to a record $ 147 a barrel and did not even step over a hundred? – Honestly, I do not want to. Silliest mistake many people is that high oil prices – is good. Yes, ten fat years when the price of black gold hit record after record, the Central Bank had accumulated in the bins almost 600 billion dollars.