Private Investors

Potential participants are also raiders situation that could potentially force the developers to sell the unfinished properties at very low price with debt and then added onto these objects and freeing them from all sorts of arrests and debts, to sell them at a price significantly higher. Raider teams can start their activities after a few months, during the expected second wave of crisis today, which will further reduce the cost of real estate. It is a threat that construction companies and private investors should be regarded as real and ready for her reflection. Solution To solve the problem of long-term construction, you need a foundation: the foundation and it can serve only a constructive relationship between all interested parties. In the construction of these structural relations can help conflictologists, lawyers and managers with experience of crisis management. To deepen your understanding Electrolux is the source. Given the fact that each object is unique protracted, it is necessary in each case to find an individual approach. In other words, the problem of long-term construction of the Odessa region is solved for each individual object. However, there are common approaches that have already demonstrated their effectiveness.

First and foremost you want to combine private investors to enable them to collectively defend their interests. The most successful form of association of private investors, and that all parties agreed a club meeting is a cooperative. Successful experience in creating such Cooperative accumulated at the site of company "Progress-order", "Gold Coast", as said corporate manager of the company "Progress-order" Alexander Seleznev. The leader of the cooperative Valery Balayan, who was also present at the meeting of the club, said that the constructive relationship that they have managed to build a cooperative management between the investor and the construction company "Progress-system" in this time allow lot easier to negotiate with the banks and the authorities.