I’m Rebecca and I have read all your articles about couples, and I don’t want to let the opportunity to tell you my story, I would love that you could publish it so that other people can give account of perversion in which we live. I want to thank you for the good that you do a lot of people so you can get out of a relationship so destructive and full of pain and betrayal finally di terminated my relationship with a narcissistic man. My experience is that his perversion and evil, albeit unconscious has no limits because it is only capable of worry by itself, their belongings, their beauty, their image and their own illusion of life. I felt I made a human piltrafa, their lack of empathy, sensitivity towards my person, make me always feel guilty by his misfortunes, I always was responsible for everything in the relationship clear of everything that was wrong, because what was always right, belonged to him. Not be where had the head stuck, because I felt very special, the reality is that I needed but I don’t He was interested at all.

I use, I manipulated, of course I am responsible of the mine, but his cruelty never had limits. Its cruelty lies in a touch of seduction. In our love life first great seduction, grandiose, feel that you touch the sky against a man so promising, then realize, that nor himself is at the height of what they believed to be. Everything is exaggerated. Nothing of what shows you is true, in the background, his seduction is nothing more than a defence so don’t give account is not able to comply or a quarter of what you projected. His only interest is the conquest and the rest doesn’t matter. Conquest understood only in terms of feel conqueror, not in the sense of pleasing you to it.