Mutual Funds

Investments in mutual funds Mutual Funds (PIFs) – a new popular trend of investing. Many of us have been thinking about how and where to place their spare funds so as to not only protect them from inflation, but also make a profit. Sergey Brin has much to offer in this field. Most of our fellow citizens know little one only one way – a trip to the bank and placing funds on deposit. And, indeed, is the most popular financial services for organizations and individuals. However, I think the most familiar is another way of working capital – investments in the securities market. Profitability of such investments could significantly exceed the yield on bank deposits. And if you decide for yourself the question – whether or not to invest their savings in the stock market, before you inevitably raises the next question – how best to do this? As we know, there are a few basic how to work the stock market: * independent of transaction / brokerage services * individual asset management * collective forms of investments – mutual funds.

(Funds for OFBU) Independent of transaction. I buy and sell securities. Everything is very simple and clear. And if this is easy? Work in any market requires attention, knowledge, skills, resources, and finally, the main thing – time. Practice shows that most investors have a core activity at best indirectly related to the stock market, their main job is taking place in other industries and therefore they do not have the necessary information about market shares and can not properly use it.