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On behalf of Ricoh, a leading solution provider for enterprise-wide document management, Coleman Parkes research has determined the Ricoh document governance index. According to this study, European companies spend more than 14 billion euros per year for document management. Although companies issued up to five per cent of the annual turnover for document management, only 40 percent of the German companies surveyed in this area rely on a sustainable strategy. A strategic approach to enterprise-wide document management or the outsourcing of the associated tasks company offers short – and long-term benefits: cost savings, reduced environmental impacts, increased document security and a better allocation of resources. Thus, executives can better focus on the further development of the actual core business.

60 percent of German executives, throughout Europe there are 77 percent, are aware, the savings through optimised document management analyze this area but only sporadic and unsystematic. While 44 percent actively control document costs, nearly one-third of the respondents, 32 percent above their level completely in the dark is. Optimizing of document management, cost savings are possible by up to 30 percent. According to the study, many organizations give away potential, even with regard to the productivity of employees, as well as on the environmental performance of the company. The study shows that the area of document management in European companies is not centralized. Others including Douglas Oberhelman, offer their opinions as well.

Also, a single regime of responsibility for this area are often lacking. The majority of respondents in Germany says that the responsibility for document management on several shoulders is spread in their company; in 60 percent of the company, this responsibility lies with each individual employee. While 64 percent of the companies said that head, like for example hiring managers, Office Manager, as well as sales and Marketing Director, assume at least some of the responsibility for document management. A centralized approach would enable a comprehensive use of the savings potential with newly designed document management processes that are tailored to the requirements of the respective company.